domingo, 11 de mayo de 2014

New blog

Good evening all people!

I'm working as always but today I decided specially to update my blog.

Do you remember all my blogs?
Oh, yes, I like a lot Blogger simplicity and quick posting. I'm on Blogger since before it was from google, imagine! But now, the services and the themes/templates are very simple and I need more.

After that I tried Wordpress, but the deskboard at that time was very ugly and complicated so I abandoned, and now I felt in love from Wordpress system. Featured posts, pages, categories, custom menus, etc. Sorry Blogger, sorry for post that here, but that's true. Maybe in the futur I can migrate all my website in my own hosting (thing that I haven't still).

Also, I tried another blog: the wix one, where my main website is. But, sorry again, it's horrible and unfunctional.

So, resuming, I say to you goodbye and I give you my new link:
(you can see, it's not complicated to remember)

domingo, 4 de mayo de 2014

Shake the Ugly Metamorface


A week pased and I was in home working again... Against that I decided to go to Volksroom again and have a good time watching a very impactant performances.

This week I show you three performances filled of energy, wild and animal.

Shake the Milk by Sophia Rodríguez (artist in residence)

Metamorface by Mei Arnella

The ugly duckings by Sabine Molenaar and Ofir Siman Tov

martes, 29 de abril de 2014

Volksroom 28th

Hello, people!

Yestarday evening I was in the artists hall of Volksroom seeing two great performances as always:

by Annelore Lamarque and Emilie Maquest

A beautiful and interesting performance about the woman, the society clichés and the wild of her when she brakes the limits.

The Primal Money Scream
by the artist un residence, Sophia Rodríguez and Micha Joseah

About the power of the money capitalisation in the globalisation, about us and our inner volcano and the moment that the public involved also explode in a incredible and powerful scream to remark the end of something (the money) which has no end...

And of course... Today, I don't have voice to talk...

martes, 22 de abril de 2014

"Hablando con mis Coletas" por Magdalena Girona


Después de un largo trabajo, por fin acabé la última ilustración del hermoso libro "Hablando con mis Coletas" de Magdalena Girona.

Aunque quedan un par de detalles por matizar, la recaudación para hacer posible la publicación de 200 ejemplares ya está abierta en su WEB OFICIAL.

La donación se lleva a cabo escogiendo diferentes paquetes (recompensas) que podéis encontrar en la web. Los hay desde 7€ hasta 45€, todo tipo de combinación dentro de lo que se ofrece en base: una versión en PDF del librp o en papel, una ilustración personalizada, agradecimientos y láminas para colorear.

Dibujo: Eva Campos. Color: Delia Serrano

Con una pequeña plataforma hecha por la propia Delia Serrano, editora, se ha abierto una nueva manera editorial de publicar libros. ¡La ayuda de todos hará posible que la cultura en lengua española vuelva a surgir con fuerza!

Ánimo y gracias a todos por adelantado!

Last illustration on "Hablando con mis Coletas"

Hello from Brussels!

During the Easter holidays I finished the last illustration in the "Hablando con mis Coletas" book. I enjoyed a lot with this project and I have work to do still!!!

I have to prepare the custom illustrations for the people who donate to be possible the publication.

So you know now!!!