lunes, 17 de marzo de 2014

Weeks in home

Hello from Brussels again! (Well, I live here, that's normal!)

These last weeks I stayed (and I'm staying) at home working with my computer. I felt a little bit jailed but, in fact, that's not true. I came out (after got better of my cold, of course) and I worked in a cinema.

Now, I'm resting home editing some videos (I have to finish Com~Tradição last song), planning a courses (for a Mail Order Bride NGO) and doing illustration! Yes, I have new job! I'm illustrating an adorable two little girls from a book.

Ah! And also I'm trying to think a collab with a passionned dancer I love her work.

So, you can see that even I didn't put any video recently, I'm not quiet and I'm doing. I only wanted to say that... and that I'm alive!

Bye, to the next post!

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