domingo, 11 de mayo de 2014

New blog

Good evening all people!

I'm working as always but today I decided specially to update my blog.

Do you remember all my blogs?
Oh, yes, I like a lot Blogger simplicity and quick posting. I'm on Blogger since before it was from google, imagine! But now, the services and the themes/templates are very simple and I need more.

After that I tried Wordpress, but the deskboard at that time was very ugly and complicated so I abandoned, and now I felt in love from Wordpress system. Featured posts, pages, categories, custom menus, etc. Sorry Blogger, sorry for post that here, but that's true. Maybe in the futur I can migrate all my website in my own hosting (thing that I haven't still).

Also, I tried another blog: the wix one, where my main website is. But, sorry again, it's horrible and unfunctional.

So, resuming, I say to you goodbye and I give you my new link:
(you can see, it's not complicated to remember)

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